Music Quiz
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Raggare is a subculture based on 50s rockabilly, whose name means "to try to get laid" in what Scandinavian language?
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The Attractions were the backup band for which artist?
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What song probably gets its name from the words "come by here" in the patois of the Gullah Island people of South Carolina and Georgia?
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What began in 1966 as a group of Bohemians living in some crumbling Victorian buildings exploded into the Summer of Love in 1967. But by 1970, the scene capsized as the area became overrun with runaways, drug addicts, morons looking for an endless party and hard-core criminal elements. Where?
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Who recorded the hit single "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" in 1967?
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What letter in her name does Pink replace with a punctuation mark?
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John Lennon stated that in America The Beatles had become more popular than who?
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Who recorded the hit single "Breakdance" in 1984?
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Who composed "The Messiah"?
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Finish the title of Blink 182's 2000 hit single "All the ______".