General Knowledge Quiz
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What continent is most likely to be rocked by a form of cryoseism known as an ice quake?
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What is the general term for a substance out of which something is or can be made?
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What punch is made with wine and citrus juices?
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Thanks to Phoenix, Maricopa County has more than half of what state's residents?
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Aside from Y, what is the only vowel that is not the first letter of any US state name?
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What attraction opened at Disneyland Paris as "Cheri, J'ai Retreci le Public"?
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In 2012 what country's president, Cristina Kirchner, rattled her sabre at the UK over the Falklands and switched her personal savings from the US dollar to the local peso?
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As a cooking verb, this means pushing food through a mill. Speaking of food, this is also the name of seed plants in the Oryza genus, widely consumed in Asia. What is it?
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What was the first name of Hobbie, the 70s doll range?
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Before it became synonymous with tomato sauce, what condiment was originally more of a mushroom puree?