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What do type 1 diabetics have to inject to control their blood sugar?
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What does Bite the Bullet mean?
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How many wheels on three cars plus a motorbike?
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In what U.S. city can you go for a walk in the Golden Gate Park?
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Captain Henry Morgan used what island as a base of buccaneer operations?
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What is the word used to describe any method of working with art materials to produce an art object?
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The music video for the Meek Mill song 'Amen', which features Drake, was launched via which website?
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Once politically powerful in the US, what did the Woman's Christian Temperance Union primarily oppose?
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In what city can you ride a train in the world's oldest underground railway system?
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Easier to peel, but less juicy and more bitter, what seedless orange has a small second fruit growing at the apex?