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Question 1
Insomnia is the inability to do what?
Question 2
Which one of a patient's fingers is possible?
Question 3
During meiosis, which creates four cells, how many times does the cell divide?
Question 4
What does a doctor use to take someone's temperature?
Question 5
What type of delivery is it when a foetus is cut out of the mother through the uterine and abdominal wall?
Question 6
A Cardiologists is a medical professional focused on what part of the human body?
Question 7
A feeling of dizziness or disorientation is medically called what?
Question 8
Which is the world's 2nd largest barrier reef of the coast of South America?
Question 9
Cortisol is what kind of hormone?
Question 10
What do we call the natural openings in the skin?
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