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Everybody likes music, but how much do you know about it?

Question 1
What song has the line, "My name should be trouble, my name should be woe"?
Question 2
In which movie did Elvis play Glenn Tyler?
Question 3
What song has the line, "But I'm gonna stare in the Sun, let the rats shine in my eyes"?
Question 4
What star sign is Jordan singer Walid Samara?
Question 5
Which of these is the correct title of a 2013 Bruno Mars hit?
Question 6
Who recorded the 2013 hit "Call Me Maybe"?
Question 7
Never Ever by All Saints won the BRIT Award for Best Single in which year?
Question 8
Rose Serbet are the real surnames of which singer?
Question 9
Which duo won the 2011 contest?
Question 10
What was the first album of Egyptian musician Alaa' Abd el-Khaleq?
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