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Everybody likes music, but how much do you know about it?

Question 1
Which artist released the song 'Epistle to Dippy'?
Question 2
Which object is featured on the cover of Boston's "Don't Look Back" album?
Question 3
Which singer had their own 'stuff pack' for the video game 'The Sims 3'?
Question 4
Who said the following line? "... my baby's ain't starving at home."
Question 5
What was the original name for the Beatles' "Hey Jude"?
Question 6
How many US No,1 Singles did 98 Degrees have up until 2013?
Question 7
Finish the title of Bright Eyes' 2005 song: "When the President ______".
Question 8
Which of these if the correct name for the singer who released "Lonely No More" in 2005?
Question 9
What was a Pink Floyd album?
Question 10
What is the name of Shaggy's biggest 1995 hit, which gained popularity after being featured in a popular Levi's commercial?
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