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Everybody likes music, but how much do you know about it?

Question 1
Which English band won their 5th Grammy in 2014 for "Celebration Day"?
Question 2
This act from Germany released the infectious novelty hit Da Da Da. Who were they?
Question 3
Which female singer had a '70s hit with 'This Will Be'?
Question 4
In which year was Snow Patrol's 'Eyes Open' album first released?
Question 5
What was the first rap act on MTV, American Bandstand and the Grammys, as well as the only rap act at Live Aid?
Question 6
Which actor covered the Beatles song 'Blackbird'?
Question 7
Which of the following artists did not appear on the 2012 hit single "Give Me All Your Luvin'"?
Question 8
What song has the line, "Hear the mighty engines roar, see the silver wing on high"?
Question 9
Complete the title of the 2004 Jay Z hit "Dirt of Your...."?
Question 10
Who co-wrote Janis Joplin's 'Me and Bobby McGee?'
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