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Everybody likes music, but how much do you know about it?

Question 1
John Lennon was enraged that what song, largely written by Paul McCartney, relegated his I Am the Walrus to the B-side, since he thought Paul's song was simply a catalog of contradictions?
Question 2
When was Ismail el-Belbisi's prime time of production?
Question 3
Which of these artists has Drake written songs for?
Question 4
What was the original title of the 1958 song "One Night"?
Question 5
Which band toured with the 'Zoo TV Tour' in 1992?
Question 6
What nation did Alexander Rybak represent when he won the 2009 contest?
Question 7
Bob Dylan dedicated the song "High Water" to which of these?
Question 8
Daylight is a 2013 song released by which artist?
Question 9
When was Lebanese TV show Studio El Fann first broadcast?
Question 10
The Four Seasons and Fergie both had different hits with songs with what same title?
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