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Literature Quiz

Question 1
Which singer had the autobiography entitled 'Moonwalk'?
Question 2
Famous author Dos Passos has a full name of?
Question 3
In the "Harry Potter" series, who is the ghost for Gryffindor?
Question 4
What was the first novel by Mitch Albom, who published "For One More Day" in 2006?
Question 5
Born in Salem, Massachusetts, the ancestors of what author of "The Scarlet Letter" persecuted witches there?
Question 6
Who wrote 'Finnegan's Wake'?
Question 7
What job does her teacher give "Harriet the Spy"?
Question 8
Why are trackers after Kino in "The Pearl"?
Question 9
Which poet was considered to be quite a lover but died alone?
Question 10
Which Charles Dickens novel ends with the chapter "Knitting Done"?
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