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Literature Quiz

Question 1
Edward Albee wrote this famous play in the sixties?
Question 2
Which book is the Dr Seuss character, Klotz from?
Question 3
John Irving studied under what writer at Iowa?
Question 4
What is the first name of Niffenegger, author of "The Time Traveller's Wife"?
Question 5
Who is the new Captain of the Guard for Queen Andais in "Mistral's Kiss" by Laurel K. Hamilton?
Question 6
In "Lean Mean Thirteen", what is the name of Stephanie's ex-husband who goes missing?
Question 7
The "Times Picayune" is the largest newspaper in which city and state?
Question 8
In John Grisham's "An Innocent Man", what baseball team took Williamson in the 1971 Draft?
Question 9
Often used for New York, the term "Big Apple" was actually first used to refer to which city?
Question 10
What influential American philosopher and author wrote the book 'Walden, or Life in the Woods'?
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