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Literature Quiz

Question 1
Who wrote the book "The Last Puritan"?
Question 2
In the works of Tolkien, what is "Elwe Singollo" in Sindarin?
Question 3
Which singer wrote his biography titled 'And the Beat Goes On'?
Question 4
What name completes the opening line of "Moby Dick", "Call me ..."?
Question 5
In "The Odyssey" what is Odysseus' son's name?
Question 6
Which of these French authors translated the novels of Edgar Allan Poe?
Question 7
In John Grisham's "An Innocent Man", what baseball team took Williamson in the 1971 Draft?
Question 8
What is the militia group that owes allegiance to Arlo Goodman in John Sandford's "Dead Watch"?
Question 9
When Harry Potter finally reads his letter from Year 1, how is it addressed besides to "Mr H. Potter"?
Question 10
Mr. Pim' is a lesser known work by which author?
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